War. War never changes.

Man kills man. Empire destroys empire. One civilization is built from the ruins of another.

In 2077, fire rained from the sky and the world burned. From the ashes, remote survivors and underground dwellers struggled to survive in the wasteland the remained. Most perished, others thrived. One such group, founded by Captain Roger Maxson of the United States army, called themselves the Brotherhood of Steel and set themselves to restore civilization. After a hundred years, the brotherhood lost sight of this goal, became reclusive and zealously gathered and protected as much prewar technology as they could get their hands on. A small minority cried out against this, their punishment was to be sent on a mission across the wasteland to wipe out a broken enemy. They never returned home.

Instead they settled in the ruins of a city named Chicago. They opened their doors to local tribes, ghouls, their former super mutant enemies, and even a pack of sentient deathclaws, trading protection from raiders for new recruits. Since the knight known simply as the “Warrior” destroyed the robotic army of vault 0, the outcasts have spent the last ten years in relative peace. You and your brotherhood squad fellows, the Ghosts, have grown bored with routine patrols. But an ancient power is stretching its claws after a long slumber and life for the Ghosts is about to change.

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